COMPANY BACKGROUND We provide IoT solutions to help construction and technical service companies better manage their small equipment and tools in the field. RANGE OF PRODUCTS OR SOLUTIONS We place on all tools a smart sensor that communicates via Bluetooth with the smartphone of the worker and long-range communication via public radio configuration network. This […]


COMPANY BACKGROUND VALKUREN is building an application to deliver Reliable prediction for high valuable manufacturing lifetime with root cause analysis for high-valuable manufacturing product. RANGE OF PRODUCTS OR SOLUTIONS Big Data solution development with data analytics and artificial intelligence for manufacturing and mobility sectors. ADDED VALUE / UNIQUE SELLING POINT VALKUREN big data solution help […]


COMPANY BACKGROUND We develop the concept of the D@niel platform, which is an effective interactive tool for distance learning, training and medicine. We are successfully running e-education projects in Belgium, CAR and RSA. RANGE OF PRODUCTS OR SOLUTIONS D@niel offers distance education, training, medical services and the organization of events such as concerts, weddings, sports […]


COMPANY BACKGROUND For D2C companies who want to assure that their visitors enjoy the most relevant customer experience on mobile devices, Tappable is a zero-code, zero-dependency editor to create mobile-native landing pages in story format. ADDED VALUE / UNIQUE SELLING POINT Landing Stories outperform any other format on mobile and close the conversion gap with […]


COMPANY BACKGROUND Pumping milk in 2022 remains a daunting task for breastfeeding mothers, who must decide between efficiency and wearability. Momly provides them with greater freedom and peace of mind. RANGE OF PRODUCTS OR SOLUTIONS Our innovative design transforms the breast pump into a stylish and sophisticated device, while its cutting-edge technology helps mothers sustain […]


COMPANY BACKGROUND Gratiago is a Belgium-based company that develops an e-coaching app to increase levels of adherence to chronic disease treatments. RANGE OF PRODUCTS OR SOLUTIONS Gratiago is an e-coaching app that supports patients undergoing treatment, consisting of three modules: A reminder module A support module: To help patients take their treatment in the best […]

AirWater Lab

COMPANY BACKGROUND AirWaterLab is a start-up active in air and water global management solutions for the B2B market. RANGE OF PRODUCTS OR SOLUTIONS Active air quality monitoring (Dashboard) Active air pollutants detection Real time air filtration & sterilization counter-measures AI driven ADDED VALUE / UNIQUE SELLING POINT Cost-effective tailor-made solutions for professionals Countermeasures triggered only […]