Spectricity NV

COMPANY BACKGROUND Spectricity is a fabless company headquartered in Belgium. We develop and manufacture spectral sensing solutions using CMOS technologies, designed for high-volume mobile devices. RANGE OF PRODUCTS OR SOLUTIONS Spectral image sensors and camera modules for new applications in mobile devices such as advanced colour photography and skin analysis. Hardware and software for effortless […]


COMPANY BACKGROUND Coupontools was founded in 2013 in Belgium. In 2022 we opened our first office in the USA, New York. Coupontools is a SAAS based mobile marketing platform to create attractive digital campaigns. You can build web-based coupons or gamified coupons with our easy to use coupon builder. The Coupontools statistics pages will give […]


COMPANY BACKGROUND Bola Consulting is specialized in credit management. We are launching our (omnichannel)digital communication tool which helps companies to get better in contact with their customers. We have a platform that can both treat outgoing calls and also incoming calls fully automatically without human intervention. RANGE OF PRODUCTS OR SOLUTIONS EEZYCOM Collect: system that […]


COMPANY BACKGROUND For almost 15 years, Alpha Networks has been offering every company the right solutions to enhance and implement their video and media distribution strategy. RANGE OF PRODUCTS OR SOLUTIONS Alpha Networks’ product portfolio includes Tucano, the modular video software that allows large and small operators, broadcasters and media group to integrate with their […]

Ni2 SA

COMPANY BACKGROUND Ni2 delivers agile network and data center operation support solutions that help service providers gain operations and business efficiencies while operating multiple domains such as networks, outside plant, and distributed data centers. RANGE OF PRODUCTS OR SOLUTIONS To leverage 5G, Mobile operators not only need towers and antennas to operate but also a […]


COMPANY BACKGROUND XPertBilling is the leading Customer Care and Billing software solution for B2B in mass billing market, like Telecom , Internet service providers, EV charging , Cable TV .. or any company involved in billing process. The company aims to support businesses that need reliable, scalable and fast billing software to manage simple to […]


COMPANY BACKGROUND Coming from cryptography and security research, nextAuth brings state-of-the-art technology to the market to provide the most secure and frictionless user experience for multi-factor authentication. RANGE OF PRODUCTS OR SOLUTIONS Mobile user authentication SDKs Passwordless Multi-Factor Authentication Frictionless and secure e-signatures Secured communication to and from your app ADDED VALUE / UNIQUE SELLING […]

Features Analytics SA

COMPANY BACKGROUND Features Analytics has developed eyeDES – the next generation AI driven technology and Trade Surveillance platform for the detection of Market Abuse in trading in Capital Markets. The technology is proactive, parameter-free and asset-class agnostic. RANGE OF PRODUCTS OR SOLUTIONS Our unique AI driven Trade Surveillance platform enables financial institutions (banks, exchanges, asset […]

Calltic NV

COMPANY BACKGROUND The concept behind Calltic is simple: a SIM Box call looks like a local but is in reality a disguised international call. Calltic differentiate a local call from an international call based on the quality of the acoustic signal. RANGE OF PRODUCTS OR SOLUTIONS Calltic has developed a radical new approach in telecom […]


COMPANY BACKGROUND bit4you is very proud to be the first crypto exchange operating from Belgium at European level allowing its customers to buy, sell and exchanges crypto assets with the maximum security. RANGE OF PRODUCTS OR SOLUTIONS Easy and safe access to Crypto assets, NFT and metaverse worlds ADDED VALUE / UNIQUE SELLING POINT European […]