Orban Microwave Products (OMP) N.V.

COMPANY BACKGROUND We design and manufacture antennas and RF & Microwave subsystems for applications in the UHF to Ka-Band frequency ranges. RANGE OF PRODUCTS OR SOLUTIONS FGPS & GNSS Antennas, Antenna Arrays for L, S, C
and Ka-Band, L and S-Band Antennas for Satellite User Terminals, Wideband Omnidirectional Antennas, Low Noise and Power Amplifiers, Frequency Converters. […]

Spectricity NV

COMPANY BACKGROUND Spectricity is a fabless company headquartered in Belgium. We develop and manufacture spectral sensing solutions using CMOS technologies, designed for high-volume mobile devices. RANGE OF PRODUCTS OR SOLUTIONS Spectral image sensors and camera modules for new applications in mobile devices such as advanced colour photography and skin analysis. Hardware and software for effortless […]


COMPANY BACKGROUND UnitronGroup is a Belgium based telecom technology and manufacturing partner for customized IP and RF connectivity solutions. We develop, produce and sell telecom, multimedia and IoT solutions. RANGE OF PRODUCTS OR SOLUTIONS Last-mile and In-house connectivity solutions Purpose-built IoT solutions Coaxial and Fiber Accessories for Terrestrial, Cable and Satellite Television Distribution Video streaming […]

Wireless Technology Labs

COMPANY BACKGROUND WTL is a rural mobile infrastructure provider that develops the Vivada range of small cell solutions (2G/3G/4G), and a range of connectivity platforms. These enable operators to deploy advanced wireless services, and to achieve flexible interconnection. RANGE OF PRODUCTS OR SOLUTIONS 2G/3G/4G Small cell based networks for rural MNO/MVNO Equipment and solutions Managed […]


COMPANY BACKGROUND Wave is a project initiated by AGC whose mission is to provide innovative telecom solutions for better connectivity in urban outdoor and indoor environments or to shield spaces from RF signals with transparent panels. Range of Products or Solutions: Glass Antenna – WAVEATTOCH, our transparent 4G/5G/wifi antenna is installed indoors / outdoors to […]


COMPANY BACKGROUND Kabelwerk Eupen AG is a European leader in the production of cables and wires of various types. Our more than one hundred years of experience have resulted in a broad and high-quality product assortment that ensures a secure energy supply and communication in modern industrial society. RANGE OF PRODUCTS OR SOLUTIONS Our telecommunication […]

IOT Factory

COMPANY BACKGROUND IOT Factory focuses on Smart Metering, delivering an Energy Monitoring & Optimization platform to Enterprise customers, through environmental and energy data acquisition. We offer a flexible Software Platform for Smart Metering and Assets Tracking, as well as unique Sensors (LORAWAN, NB-IOT, M2M) for metering and GPS tracking.RANGE OF PRODUCTS OR SOLUTIONS Energy Metering […]

intoPIX SA

COMPANY BACKGROUND intoPIX is an innovative technology provider of low power, low complexity image processing and video compression IPs. RANGE OF PRODUCTS OR SOLUTIONS TicoXS: The new low latency lightweight codec with microsecond latency, lossless quality and low power offering 10:1 compression and standardized at ISO, as JPEG XS TicoXS FIP: The codec offering both […]


COMPANY BACKGROUND GlobalTT (www.globaltt.com) is the unique private internet satellite operator in Belgium (Europe). We offer reliable, stable and independent worldwide internet satellite connectivity directly from the European fiber Backbone. RANGE OF PRODUCTS OR SOLUTIONS Satellite Internet : Ku-Band, C-Band, Ka-Band (Fixed, Maritime, Transportable, Vehicle) MSS Solution : BGAN, IsatHub, Thuraya IP, Iridium PTT, Iridium […]

CE+T Power

COMPANY BACKGROUND Our daily mission at CE+T Power is to provide power solutions to keep the world going. We invented the modular inverter in the end of the 1980s. CE+T Power offers solutions for the telecom, datacenter, industry, power utilities, transport and renewable energy markets. RANGE OF PRODUCTS OR SOLUTIONS Converter for securing AC & DC […]