Wireless Technology Labs

COMPANY BACKGROUND WTL is a rural mobile infrastructure provider that develops the Vivada range of small cell solutions (2G/3G/4G), and a range of connectivity platforms. These enable operators to deploy advanced wireless services, and to achieve flexible interconnection. RANGE OF PRODUCTS OR SOLUTIONS 2G/3G/4G Small cell based networks for rural MNO/MVNO Equipment Managed services / […]


COMPANY BACKGROUND Wave is a project initiated by AGC whose mission is to provide innovative telecom solutions for better connectivity in urban outdoor and indoor environments or to shield spaces from RF signals with transparent panels Range of Products or Solutions: WAVEATTOCH, our transparent 4G/5G antenna installed indoors on the glazing allows outdoor coverage while […]


COMPANY BACKGROUND Kabelwerk Eupen AG is a European leader in the production of cables and wires of various types. Our more than one hundred years of experience have resulted in a broad and high-quality product assortment that ensures a secure energy supply and communication in modern industrial society. RANGE OF PRODUCTS OR SOLUTIONS Our telecommunication […]

IOT Factory

COMPANY BACKGROUND IOT Factory focuses on Smart Metering and Assets Tracking, with a large experience in Energy Monitoring, Air Quality and Smart Cities. We offer a unique combination of Smart Solutions, and Unique IOT devices for your IOT Projects RANGE OF PRODUCTS OR SOLUTIONS LORAWAN and NB-IOT Smart Metering sensors LORAWAN and NB-IOT Assets Tracking […]

intoPIX SA

COMPANY BACKGROUND intoPIX is an innovative technology provider of low power, low complexity image processing and video compression IPs. RANGE OF PRODUCTS OR SOLUTIONS TicoXS: The new low latency lightweight codec with microsecond latency, lossless quality and low power offering 10:1 compression and standardized at ISO, as JPEG XS TicoXS FIP: The codec offering both […]


COMPANY BACKGROUND GlobalTT (www.globaltt.com) is the unique private internet satellite operator in Belgium (Europe). We offer reliable, stable and independent internet satellite connectivity directly from the European IP fibber Backbone for EMEA regions. RANGE OF PRODUCTS OR SOLUTIONS Satellite Internet : Ku-Band, C-Band, Ka-Band (Fixed, Maritime, Transportable, Vehicle) MSS Solution : BGAN, IsatHub, Thuraya IP, […]

CE+T Power

COMPANY BACKGROUND CE+T Power is a Belgian company with international footprints, supplying high-end converters for mission critical applications. CE+T helps clients to reach zero downtime in business continuity. RANGE OF PRODUCTS OR SOLUTIONS CE+T Power designs, manufactures, and markets a wide range of innovating power conversion solutions for critical backup and energy management in focus […]


COMPANY BACKGROUND Back2buzz is the selected solar impulse solution for an efficient mobile solution with refurbished smartphones, bio-degradable accessories and buyback solution RANGE OF PRODUCTS OR SOLUTIONS Smartphones, eco responsible accessories, buyback and aftersales service ADDED VALUE / UNIQUE SELLING POINT VALUE A unique 360° solution, with A++ smartphones MAIN REFERENCES AXA group, Europe Assistance, […]

AGC Automotive Europe

COMPANY BACKGROUND AGC Automotive Europe is the European automotive glass branch of the AGC Group. The AGC Group, with Tokyo-based AGC Inc. at its core, is a world-leading supplier of flat, automotive and display glass, chemicals and other high-tech materials and components. RANGE OF PRODUCTS OR SOLUTIONS The growing demand for mobility and the continuous […]