Orban Microwave Products (OMP) N.V.

COMPANY BACKGROUND We design and manufacture antennas and RF & Microwave subsystems for applications in the UHF to Ka-Band frequency ranges. RANGE OF PRODUCTS OR SOLUTIONS FGPS & GNSS Antennas, Antenna Arrays for L, S, C
and Ka-Band, L and S-Band Antennas for Satellite User Terminals, Wideband Omnidirectional Antennas, Low Noise and Power Amplifiers, Frequency Converters. […]


COMPANY BACKGROUND Inmanta is a software product company and the leading expert in end-to-end service orchestration of services and networks. Inmanta is a spin-off company of the University of Leuven (KU Leuven, Belgium). RANGE OF PRODUCTS OR SOLUTIONS Inmanta Service Orchestrator: a multi-domain, intent-based service orchestration platform Inmanta Connect: turnkey orchestrator for connectivity in transport […]


COMPANY BACKGROUND Tessares is a Belgian technology company that develops software solutions for ISPs / MNOs / MVNOs to deliver improved Internet connectivity by combining existing networks. RANGE OF PRODUCTS OR SOLUTIONS Seamless, Overlapping Mobile / Wi-Fi Handovers Fixed-Mobile Hybrid Access MultiWAN solutions for Industry 4.0 ADDED VALUE / UNIQUE SELLING POINT Offload mobile traffic […]


COMPANY BACKGROUND As operator and integrator, Citymesh specializes in the development and management of large-scale wireless networks based on a wide range of technologies. In addition to its extensive Wi-Fi and IoT expertise, the company is a Belgian operator with a 4G and 5G license. RANGE OF PRODUCTS OR SOLUTIONS Citymesh offers connectivity (Wi-Fi, IoT, […]

Calltic NV

COMPANY BACKGROUND The concept behind Calltic is simple: a SIM Box call looks like a local but is in reality a disguised international call. Calltic differentiate a local call from an international call based on the quality of the acoustic signal. RANGE OF PRODUCTS OR SOLUTIONS Calltic has developed a radical new approach in telecom […]


COMPANY BACKGROUND Accelleran was founded in 2013 and is headquartered in Antwerp, Belgium. Accelleran continues to be an Open RAN pioneer, with software solutions enabling a diverse multi-vendor RAN ecosystem that creates greater flexibility, efficiency and reduced costs for operators and private networks. RANGE OF PRODUCTS OR SOLUTIONS Accelleran’s dRAX solution delivers proven virtualised software […]

Commsquare NV

COMPANY BACKGROUND Commsquare is a provider of innovative monitoring, advanced analytics and optimisation products and services to mobile operators and telecom regulatory authorities worldwide. RANGE OF PRODUCTS OR SOLUTIONS Commsquare offers services and develops products to monitor, optimise and analyse mobile network and service performance. We offer a unique holistic, end-to-end view on network performance, […]

Wireless Technology Labs

COMPANY BACKGROUND WTL is a rural mobile infrastructure provider that develops the Vivada range of small cell solutions (2G/3G/4G), and a range of connectivity platforms. These enable operators to deploy advanced wireless services, and to achieve flexible interconnection. RANGE OF PRODUCTS OR SOLUTIONS 2G/3G/4G Small cell based networks for rural MNO/MVNO Equipment and solutions Managed […]


COMPANY BACKGROUND Wave is a project initiated by AGC whose mission is to provide innovative telecom solutions for better connectivity in urban outdoor and indoor environments or to shield spaces from RF signals with transparent panels. Range of Products or Solutions: Glass Antenna – WAVEATTOCH, our transparent 4G/5G/wifi antenna is installed indoors / outdoors to […]


COMPANY BACKGROUND GlobalTT (www.globaltt.com) is the unique private internet satellite operator in Belgium (Europe). We offer reliable, stable and independent worldwide internet satellite connectivity directly from the European fiber Backbone. RANGE OF PRODUCTS OR SOLUTIONS Satellite Internet : Ku-Band, C-Band, Ka-Band (Fixed, Maritime, Transportable, Vehicle) MSS Solution : BGAN, IsatHub, Thuraya IP, Iridium PTT, Iridium […]