Skyline Communications NV

Skyline Communications is the global leading provider of end-to-end vendor- and domain-agnostic digital transformation solutions for private mobile networks and the ICT media and broadband industry.

The DataMiner software platform allows operators to easily tap into their network configuration, logs, counters and metrics, and create a fully standardized, secure, and real-time digital twin of their entire operation. The open software stack comes with a wealth of functions that offer DevOps teams the highest level of versatility to ingest, process and consume data: AI-powered proactive behavioral monitoring, asset and inventory management, hyper-automation, process and workflow automation, and advanced capacity- and capability-aware orchestration of highly complex services. Tailored to meet the needs of quad-play service providers including Private Mobile Networks, DataMiner empowers these users to efficiently manage broadband and media delivery on mobile networks and oversee private mobile networks with comprehensive control and optimization capabilities.

The heart of DataMiner is its unparalleled observability, providing intelligent insights across diverse data types. Whether it is configuration data, user experience metrics, streaming analytics, administrative records, QoS data, trouble tickets or CRM information, DataMiner excels in aggregating and analyzing this vast array of data sources. By offering operators a comprehensive and intelligent view into their operations, the platform enhances decision-making processes, identifies potential issues proactively, and ultimately optimizes the overall efficiency and performance of their technology ecosystems. This robust observability sets DataMiner apart as a powerful tool for informed and strategic management across multifaceted data domains.

DataMiner is the preferred choice for major Tier 1 and Tier 2 telecommunications companies globally, serving as a cornerstone in their operational strategies.

DataMiner stands out for its seamless interoperability with both standardized systems (e.g. Open API of TM Forum) and proprietary databases and APIs.